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Integrating Customer Loyalty Programs into Scan & Go

Member clubs, bonus cards, and other customer loyalty programs are a great way to induce strong customer retention. Read on for how a Scan & Go solution can help with this and how to compile all the relevant features in a single app. 

As a customer, it’s nice to feel special and appreciated. That is why customer loyalty programs are a long-time success in any retail business. Whether it’s collecting bonus points with each purchase, receiving exclusive offers, or early sales access – reaping the benefits of frequent visits to the same store is an appealing incentive for customers. And a great opportunity for the retailer. 

The smartphone as the new loyalty card

As firmly established as they are, customer loyalty programs are a perfect addition for the integration into a Scan & Go application. As part of the most important tool of the customer journey – the smartphone – they become even more accessible and convenient. Instead of carrying around loyalty cards or vouchers, it’s as easy as pressing a button somewhere in between the scanning and the self-checkout process

Bonus points can simply be collected automatically via the app, while the current score and potentially redeemable discounts are always retrievable. What is more, exclusive member offers don’t have to be communicated via newsletters or mail, but can be displayed right then and there, on the customer’s phone and exactly at the time when the purchase would be most interesting to them. 

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