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ROPO and its Effect on the Retail Sector 

Since extensive research is part of any informed buying decision, retailers can benefit from the ROPO effect by investing in a multi-channel retail experience. 

Nowadays, the customer journey starts long way before entering an actual brick-and-mortar store. In fact, thoroughly researching a product before buying it has become general practice. Especially so, if the item is in the higher price sector. Reading customer reviews, comparing different suppliers and products, and of course reading up on all the features and characteristics online. 

What is ROPO?

Even though this online research is done from outside the retail store, it is a very common occurrence that customers still like to complete the actual purchase not through an online shop, but in the actual brick-and-mortar store. ROPO – research online, purchase offline – is what this phenomenon is called. And it is something retailers can use to their benefit. 

Product information directly in the Scan & Go app

Since extensive product information is obviously something shoppers want and need, providing this in an accessible and convenient way can give merchants a leading edge and may even prevent customer churn.  

Through a mobile self-checkout solution, this can easily be achieved, as all the facts as well as customer reviews can be integrated in the Scan & Go application and are thus available on people’s mobile devices at the click of a button.  

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