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Phygital Shopping Experience 

The use of a mobile self-checkout solution paves the way for merging all the perks of retail shopping with the convenience of e-commerce, thus creating spillover effects between the two and allowing for a true phygital experience. 

When two worlds collide, there is potential for conflict, but there are also opportunities opening up with a bang. Such is the case when the two very different experiences of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and shopping online come together. 

While in the past, the habit of doing one’s shopping used to be a pretty straightforward, one-dimensional procedure, in this day and age it has turned into an omnichannel adventure, gaining plenty of convenience and variety through the addition of the digital space. 

The rising demand for online shopping and its effects

However, even though the COVID-19 pandemic increased the popularity of online shopping noticeably, real-life shopping in actual stores is still a big part of our daily lives. Therefore, it is only sensible to seize the opportunity of combining the best of these two worlds – the physical and the digital – to increase convenience and efficiency and offer consumers an even more seamless customer journey. 

“Phygital” is the keyword here, a concept which describes the connection of digital technologies with the traditional way of shopping in retail stores, to enhance the customer experience and induce a full immersion of people into this phygital world. 

Scan & Go as a tool for advancing stationary retail

The use of a Scan & Go application is a way to make this merger an intuitive one, because it works as a bridge between the two ways of shopping, lifting the process of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store to a new level of convenience through features like personalized recommendations, localization, shopping lists, and many more. 

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