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Creating Synchronized Shopping Lists

Among the most sought-after features in any Scan & Go app is the ability to create, share and synchronise shopping lists with friends and family in real time – all within the very same app that you use to do the shopping. 

To be able to keep track of required products – and perhaps even add additional ones while the friend or family member is making their way through the store – is the height of convenience. Thus, personalized shopping lists are highly popular with Scan & Go solutions. And no wonder; after all, it makes perfect sense to include perhaps the most common component of any shopping trip in the mobile application.  

Allowing shared households to synchronize the same list on multiple phones further simplifies things. This way, not only are customers relieved from having to switch between apps, or even paper shopping lists, but the whole retail experience becomes much more convenient, personal, and timesaving. 

Product assortment and availability

Within the Scan & Go app, the retailer’s current product assortment is retrievable from anywhere at any given time. This way, browsing through items beforehand becomes a simple task and can be done from the comfort of customers’ homes or on the go. Moreover, checking products availability is part of the service as well, including the recommendation of alternative branches, in case the desired item is currently out of stock. 

Recommendations based on previous purchases

A profitable feature for retailers and, at the same time, a useful one for shoppers lies in the data of past shopping trips being collected. This allows the app to suggest additional items to the shopping list, that are bought regularly, may have run out, or might be interesting based on their preferences. 

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