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About us

Our mission is to help retailers drive change, overcome initial project roadblocks, and share real-world experiences that will make their digitalization project a success.

With the retail industry in distress and the shift to online shopping, every brick-and-mortar retail player needs to adapt to changing customer needs rapidly to secure and enhance its market share. Being able to offer outstanding customer experience and convenience is critical.

At the same time, keeping up with all the latest innovations in retail technology can be challenging. Most retailers and their IT departments are overwhelmed with maintaining existing infrastructure. As a result, there is little to no time to transform and innovate.

scanandgo.com is the go-to resource for retailers to learn about Scan & Go and other mobile self-checkout solutions, proven use cases, and best practices that will help them hit the ground running.

Scan & Go technologies help retailers close the gap to digital shopping, introduce new services, and lower costs by optimizing in-store processes. Explore our Knowledge Base to learn more.

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