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What is Scan & Go technology? 

As a mobile self-checkout technology, Scan & Go is about to revolutionize the retail shopping experience.

But what does that even mean? Why and how does it add value for the retailer and when is the right moment to invest in such a technology? Most importantly, what’s in it for the customers?

To put it in a nutshell: it simplifies things.

Scan & Go first and foremost allows customers to do their shopping all by themselves. That means choosing, scanning, and paying for their purchase with nothing but their own smartphone.

One might call it a game-changing service, and not just for the shoppers. Yes, it enables them to skip the queue, but the technology’s potential is actually much greater than just saving time.

For the retailers, Scan & Go represents a multipurpose solution, combining multiple advantages and features in a single mobile app, such as

  • customer loyalty programs,
  • data-driven, personalized recommendations,
  • detailed product information,
  • zero-queue mobile payment,
  • saving store space,
  • more extensive customer service,
  • localization to find items faster, and
  • greater variety of payment methods.

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