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The BOPIS Trend and its Effects on Retail Shopping 

Instead of having items delivered, picking them up in person after the purchase gives customers independence and convenience at the same time. Read more about the BOPIS trend here. 

Yet another acronym that is taking the retail sector by storm: BOPIS. Buy online, pick up in store is what it means – and this approach has become exceedingly popular during the last few years. Also known as click and collect, this option gives customers a convenient way of the multi-channel retail experience, combining the comfort of e-commerce with the independence of doing their shopping in person. 

Even though click and collect had been around before, the concept has seen a dramatic increase during the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequential restrictions and curfews, forcing brick-and-mortar stores to come up with ways to minimize social interactions. 

The advantages of BOPIS

The BOPIS trend turned out to be a convenient solution – even beyond the pandemic. It allows shoppers to browse through and choose products from the comfort of their own home and pick them up in their own time, as soon as they get a notification that it is ready. Thus, not only may they save shipping fees and waiting times, but can also avoid navigating through a store or finding products out of stock. 

Pick-up options

There are several ways in which the order can be picked up: whether retailers opt for BOPIS retail lockers, a curbside pickup, or a designated service area in store. 

Integration of BOPIS into a Scan & Go app

As for the Scan & Go app, BOPIS can be seamlessly integrated into the application, adding yet another convenient service aspect into the same solution customers already use for shopping in store.

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