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Payment Methods with the Scan & Go App

Find out all about payment methods available and how to best integrate this feature into your Scan & Go app.  

Aside from independence and speed, what shoppers most value in retail stores is freedom of choice, especially for payment. Cash or card, smartwatch or smartphone – allowing them to pick their favorite and most convenient payment method is a sure way to make customers happy. 

With this in mind, the use of a Scan & Go app has more than one advantage, because it has the potential of offering a much wider range of payment methods that aren’t available at a traditional checkout. Mobile payment has seen increasing popularity over the past years – and is the perfect match for a mobile self-checkout solution like Scan & Go. 

Mobile payments and payment service providers 

The definition of mobile payment is to complete a transaction via a mobile device and its data connection. Today, services like one-click payments via fingerprints, Face-ID, and other secure biometric authentication systems are common and popular, because they speed up the process while protecting personal data. 

Current mobile payment services include 

  • Apple Pay,  
  • Google Pay,  
  • PayPal,  
  • SEPA,  
  • WeChat Pay,  
  • crypto currencies, and 
  • credit- and debit cards,  

to name just a few. Since customers can use their existing accounts or wallets, using these kinds of services also has a positive impact on adoption. 

As a retailer, to ensure that customers have a broad range of choices when it comes to payment methods, it is worth collaborating with a good payment service provider. This can potentially save a lot of time and effort, because the payment service provider can integrate all the payment options supported by them into the retailer’s business, with the implementation of just a single API.  

And since most payment service providers operate as a service model, the Scan & Go app will benefit from features such as fraud prevention as well. 

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