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Mobile Self-Checkout in Retail Stores

Self-scanning is one thing. But allowing customers to complete their purchase on their own smartphones via mobile self-checkout – aka Scan & Go – introduces a whole new level of speed and convenience. 

The idea of self-service in the retail sector aims to give customers more autonomy while also saving time. From a retailer’s perspective, eliminating the cash desk from stores also saves valuable space and staff costs. Plus, the benefits a mobile self-checkout solution has in terms of data collection cannot be stressed enough. 

Features of mobile self-checkout

After early forms of self-service technology in retail stores, such as handheld barcode scanners and self-checkout terminals, mobile self-checkout gives shoppers even more freedom. With their own smartphone, they can not only scan the barcodes of their chosen products, but use the same app to pay for their purchase, get their receipt and – depending on the retailer’s set-up – enjoy several other amenities, such as 

  • data-driven recommendations,  
  • store detection/indoor navigation,  
  • customer loyalty programs,  
  • digital vouchers, 

and more. 

Payment methods

Skipping the checkout terminal and paying on one’s own smartphone, allows a wide range of payment methods that wouldn’t normally be available in brick-and-mortar stores, such as PayPal, SEPA or crypto currencies. 

Choosing the suitable client

Today, mobile self-checkout solutions come in all shapes and sizes, for Android, iOS or web browser and can be customized according to individual needs and preferences. 

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