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Choosing the Adequate Client Type

Mobile self-checkout applications come in various formats to match preferences of retailers and customers alike. Here, we look at the different client types available and their respective traits.  

To use Scan & Go, having a suitable mobile device is a crucial prerequisite. And since nowadays most people don’t leave home without a smartphone anymore, there is nothing standing between them and the smooth shopping experience that mobile self-checkout solutions allow. 

Fortunately, it makes no difference what kind of phone each customer uses, as most Scan & Go applications are developed to tailor a broad range of needs, whether shoppers use Android, iOS, or other operating systems – or even if they prefer not to install an application at all. 

Implementing the Scan & Go app into a retail strategy 

One of the first choices retailers have to make, once they have decided to integrate a mobile self-checkout solution, is whether to use a platform model or white label application. 

But what is the difference? And which one is the best solution for your store? 

A platform model means the Scan & Go application comes in the branding of the respective software provider. It’s possibly the more effortless solution, as there is no need to put thought and time into branding and customization of the app. On the other hand, retailers choosing a platform model miss out on an important branding opportunity

A white label application is the opposite of the model mentioned above. Here, the app comes branded according to the CI guidelines of the business and will also be listed under the brand name in the respective app store, thus making the most of the branding potential at hand. It is fully customizable to the retailers’ needs and preferences, allowing them to include or leave out any components they choose. 

Scan & Go as a native SDK 

Retailers who already have their own branded app in use and don’t want their customers having to switch between different applications may benefit from software development kits (SDK). Here, all the perks and functionalities of the mobile self-checkout solution can be seamlessly merged into an existing branded application, thus making the integration of Scan & Go as easy as can be. 

Scan & Go as a web app 

Users who don’t like to commit to downloading yet another app on their phones will certainly enjoy the non-binding nature and functionality of a Scan & Go web application. This way, there is no need to install anything or use up memory space. Instead, it’s as easy as starting their preferred internet browser, scanning and paying for their purchase, and then going about their day. 

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