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Scan & Go as a Web Application

Depending on the preferences of the retailers and their customers, one client type of the Scan & Go solution may be more suitable than the other. Read here about the technology as a web application and how this can be beneficial. 

As long as you have a smartphone, you can benefit from the features of mobile self-checkout. To accommodate as many customers as possible, Scan & Go applications come in various client types and for multiple mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS.  

Choosing the right client type

As for the retailer, they can choose whether to integrate their self-checkout technology as a white label application or as a platform model, depending on their priorities. 

However, perhaps the most accessible way to offer Scan & Go to customers is through a web application. This way, customers don’t have to download and install an app they may only use occasionally or that they don’t have room for on their phone memory. Instead, all the features of the mobile app – from scanning, to payment methods, to loyalty programs – are available through their preferred browser. 

Thus, a web application is a non-binding alternative to a smartphone application and offers users a low-barrier entrance into the features of mobile self-checkout. 

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