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Implementing Scan & Go as a White Label Application

The way a Scan & Go app is set up can make a significant difference in terms of adoption and customer experience. Read on to find out about the choices facing a retailer and what should be considered before making a decision.

Once the various benefits of a Scan & Go solution as part of the retail strategy have become clear, and the decision to integrate one has been made, there are a number of further points which need to be considered. The conscious choice of what kind of application model is best for the business and its customers is vital, and has to be made by the retailer early on.  

Basically, the choice lies between a platform model and a white label application. Both have their respective virtues, depending on what the individual prerequisites are. 

Advantages of a white label application

While a platform model can save a lot of time and effort, because it comes ready to go and in the branding of the respective software provider, it generally seems more advisable to go the extra mile and decide on a white label application. This choice, since it comes branded according to the CI and the wishes of the retailer, proves to be beneficial in more ways than one, since it can help with   

  • encouraging trust and customer loyalty
  • communicating directly and not via a third party, and  
  • improving brand awareness. 

Therefore, a white label application makes the Scan & Go solution truly customisable and allows for smooth integration. Retailers can thus take full advantage of the customization and branding opportunity at hand.

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