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Issuing Receipts with Scan & Go

Proof of purchase is essential for any retail store. With the Scan & Go app, issuing a receipt can be done quickly, easily, and sustainably. Find out how this works and why customers may still opt for a paper receipt. 

“Would you like your receipt?” – this sentence is familiar to any customer of brick-and-mortar stores. And it’s a legitimate question, not only because it is mandatory for merchants to issue receipts, but because customers require them in order to return or exchange goods and/or raise issue with their purchase.

But it doesn’t have to be on paper – apart from some countries, where fiscalization regulations still require it. And, the recurring question above isn’t necessary either. 

Improving convenience and sustainability

Instead, Scan & Go is a way to speed up this process while still making sure that all the regulations involved are met. After any transaction, the app will automatically create a digital receipt for the customers, thus issuing proof of their purchase. This way, it is not only always at hand in the app for future reference, but the digital form is a much more sustainable way than using paper. 

However, in case a printed receipt is preferred by the shoppers, or mandatory in the country concerned, retailers can always issue them through specifically intended printers in the checkout area. 

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