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Live Content Rollout via Scan & Go  

How do you make sure that your banners, product highlights, and sales information reach your target group, if there is so much competition? Read on for how the opportunity of a live content rollout via the Scan & Go app can help with communicating your message. 

Catching a customer’s attention is becoming more and more of a challenge these days. An overload of content on various platforms throughout every hour of every day has reduced people’s attention spans noticeably.  

As a consequence, the composition and scheduling of digital marketing content need to focus not only on valuable and accessible storytelling, but more than ever on the right timing and a seamless content rollout strategy, to make sure the message comes across. 

Targeting consumers with Scan & Go

In other words: an eye-catching marketing banner of your hero products isn’t enough, if the customers don’t register it because they are too consumed by the multitude of interesting content out there. The goal, therefore, is to guarantee that your information reaches the target group as directly as possible. This is where the Scan & Go app comes into play.  

This platform is the perfect hub for communicating any micro campaign, product highlight, or content in general, as most customers have it installed on their individual smartphones and thus engage with it whenever they open the app or enter the retailer’s store. Being able to plan a live content rollout directly on the personal mobile devices of the target group is a perfect example of a seamless and successful distribution strategy. 

Personalized experiences through master data

Furthermore, the application collects data about buying behaviors in real time and is therefore a valuable resource for optimizing the marketing strategy and a good way to personalize the shopping experience for the customers with individual offers and recommendations. 

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