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Collecting In-Store Analytics with Scan & Go

Big data makes the digitalized world go round. With Scan & Go, the data collected is an invaluable asset that helps to not only boost sales revenues but also improve the overall customer journey. 

With the implementation of an app that is used for the whole of the shopping experience – from scanning, to paying, to navigation, to customer loyalty programs – comes immense potential of collecting user data. What used to be the leading edge for online shopping is now available to brick-and-mortar stores as well. And so are all the benefits that come from extracting the right kind of information out of the data collected. 

Different kinds of data available

Using big data to better target promotions and recommendations is a major advantage in the retail sector. And with the Scan & Go app, all kinds of insights into customers’ shopping behavior become within easy reach, such as 

  • previous purchases, 
  • search history, 
  • current basket content, or 
  • social media activity. 

All these in-store analytics collected from the Point-of-sale (POS), through in-store navigation, and via user-generated content, can be tracked and evaluated so as to better understand the customers’ habits and wishes – and to provide precise recommendations and sales forecasting accordingly, thus making the shopping experience much more personalized and efficient. 

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