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Improving Space Requirements with Mobile Self-Checkout

Traditional checkout areas take up a lot of store space. Clearing this section for better usage is another advantage of mobile self-checkout solutions. 

When looking at floor plans of retail stores in Europe, the average exit area amounts to roughly 50m². This is mostly due to the large cash desk lines, which take up a lot of space. Not only do these space requirements take up valuable room which could be used more profitably, but it is also the spot where customers typically lose the most time during their shopping trip, when queuing up to pay for their purchase. 

For smaller brick-and-mortar stores in particular, being able to maximize store capacities is a crucial part of increasing sales revenue. And each cash desk that is removed can be used as a valuable sales area, or for any purpose that is important to the retailer. 

Optimizing the space requirements for the POS is yet another benefit that comes with the implementation of a Scan & Go app. When customers pay on their smartphones, there is no need for big cash desks. Even better, long queues, which clog up the exit and maybe even some of the aisles, become a thing of the past as well. 

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