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Increasing Sales Revenue with Scan & Go

Customer happiness is one of the main goals of any retailer. Increasing in-store efficiency as well as sales revenue is another. By implementing a Scan & Go app, retailers can achieve both objectives swiftly.

When it comes to increasing sales revenue, a Scan & Go app has multiple benefits, such as 

A study done by researchers at the University of St. Gallen shows that the use of mobile self-checkout solutions like Scan & Go leads to customers spending more money in retail stores compared to people who use a regular cash desk – by 10 % to be precise.

Improving space requirements and product placement

If this isn’t reason enough to consider the use of this technology, it pays off to also consider the fact that it allows for more retail space, since bulky checkout desks are no longer necessary, and allows to either pare down on personnel or otherwise give employees more time for customer consultation and service. 

Furthermore, the data being collected through the application can help optimize the product placement in store, based on customer movement and behavior. 

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