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Upgrading Product Information with Scan & Go

The checkout process as well as customers require a lot of information about a retail store’s products. Presenting this data in an uncluttered and convenient manner is what can set retailers with a mobile self-checkout solution apart from the rest. 

Master data is a necessary and valuable component in any kind of retail context. Whether it’s product details, price information, or SKU and EAN codes – each item in store comes with a whole list of important information. 

Apart from the data that is necessary for completing a purchase – like pricing, DataBars, or stock keeping units – nowadays, there is a lot more that customers want to know before putting articles in their shopping baskets and actually buying them as well.  

Specific, detailed product information is more important than ever. Shoppers may want to know if their products are gluten-free, vegan, local, or eco-friendly and whether they are currently available at their preferred branch or perhaps on sale at a different one – being able to present this information in a clear and convenient fashion can set a retailer apart from the competition. 

A Scan & Go solution combines all the required product data in one place, uncluttered and retrievable at any given moment. The data can be imported into the application via integration with an ERP system, eCommerce store or manual upload. 

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