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Price Information through the Scan & Go App

When shopping for anything, among the top-priority information customers want to know is the price of the product. This is why price information is an important aspect of any mobile self-checkout solution. 

Good price, fair price, last price: Knowing the cost of a desired item is not only vital information, but also one of the main factors when it comes to whether customers complete their purchase or not. Therefore, it is fair to say that the price information should rank among the most important pieces of product master data – especially when it comes to Scan & Go. 

In the case of mobile self-checkout, the opportunity to enhance the customer experience through extensive information is much greater than in traditional retail. Through the mobile app, customers can always retrieve and compare prices, as well as keep an eye out for 

  •  prices at different stores,  
  •  prices for different customers (e. g. bonus club members), or 
  •  current or upcoming price reductions. 

All this kind of price information is retrievable at the click of a button and can influence the buying decision significantly and in real-time. Thus, it is equally important for the customers as it is for the retailers themselves, not least of all because the configuration is much easier when all the product master data is clustered in the same place – the Scan & Go application. 

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