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ERP Integration

To ensure a smooth and flawless collaboration of different management tools in the retail business and to keep track of all the data at hand, an ERP integration is indispensable. 

When using a Scan & Go app, convenience is among the greatest perks. Convenience for the customers that is. But while we’re at it, shouldn’t the retailers profit from a less complicated and more elegant solution as well? 

Indeed. But amidst the mass of product information, price information, promotion information, and the various business tools managing all of this data, the project can seem more complicated than ever. This is why it is so important to have a good ERP integration tool. 

What is ERP integration?

ERP integration is a method used to connect any businesses enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with other systems in use. As each software application has its own individual way of processing and managing data, an ERP integration plays an especially vital part when the aim is to improve the overall management of information. By being able to process data across various systems, a retailer can not only simplify operations and reduce costs, but also enhance productivity and data analysis. 

An ERP integration is crucial for a Scan & Go solution as well, as it not only helps when pooling all relevant data, but tightly couples the application to the other management technologies at hand.

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