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Whether or not customers have to register before beginning their Scan & Go Journey is left to the retailer to decide, but if they decide to implement registration it can become an extremely important part of the MSCO solution.

Customer behavior analysis

Requiring customers to register before using a service allows for the possibility of grouping accounts across platforms, which means retailers can link the user of a MSCO solution to their account for their online retail channel. This can increase the accuracy of recommendations as well as loyalty integration, since data on purchases is collected across different channels. Retailers are able to understand their customers better, while customers receive a more personalised shopping experience.

Loss Prevention

Registration can also be used as a key component of a loss prevention strategy by giving the customer an increased sense of responsibility for their actions. The extent to which an account on a Scan & Go application can be linked to personal information will depend from country to country, so the account is often linked to the Device ID instead. This protects customer data while still giving retailers the possibility to blacklist a certain device and prevent it from accessing Scan & Go services in their stores.

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