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Loose Products

Another special use case often seen in grocery retail, but also in other settings, is dealing with loose products. This could be anything from single lemons or loose potatoes to the dispensing of rice and flour in a zero-waste shop. A holistic MSCO solution must be able to incorporate all these challenges without disrupting the customer journey. Here are some strategies for dealing with these special use cases.

Loose single items
These can be searched for or selected from a drop down menu within the application that offers quick navigation of quantities. The retailer can also set a limit for the quantity, which may be useful for certain items and to prevent fraud or misuse of the feature.

Loose weighted items
In essence, these are no different to weighted products, and can be treated in much the same way in the Scan & Go application. As long as there is some kind of QR or barcode generated by the scale, it can be read by the application and added to the basket. Certain scale providers can encode an entire order into a single QR code or barcode, so that the customer weighs all their loose products before selecting to finish the transaction, at which point a single QR or barcode will be generated that contains all the information about their products.

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