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QR Code

QR code stands for ‘Quick Response Code’ and is a two-dimensional code that was developed by Denso Wave, a Japanese company. Most smartphones nowadays can recognise QR codes, often directly through the camera without a secondary application.

This can be used to lead customers directly to a website, for example, which is a great way to help install a Scan & Go application through advertising material at the store or to access Scan & Go functionality through a browser.

Another possible use for QR codes in the context of MSCO is for creating a code that can be shown to a scanner at an exit gate to verify that the customer’s purchase has been completed before opening the gate, thus allowing them to leave the store. This code delivers information such as a timestamp and anonymous Customer ID to help the exit gate recognise whether the request is legitimate or requires further processing by a member of staff.

Due to their ability to encode more information, QR codes can also come in handy for displaying compound products, such as a collection of weighted products from the deli counter or the fresh produce section. The single QR code is then read by the Scan & Go application which can display the detailed information on the customer’s smartphone.  

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