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Technological Loss Prevention

What are effective and efficient ways of preventing loss and shrinkage? Read all about the technological options here. 

Leaving scanning and payment entirely in the hands of the customers may seem riskier than the traditional way of shopping. However, when implementing a good loss prevention strategy and taking full advantage of the conventional and new opportunities at hand, shopping with Scan & Go may actually be safer than you think. 

Loss prevention options that work 

For the most effective strategies against shrinkage, psychological loss prevention and the human component should not be underestimated. However, in this post we will focus on the many ways that technological loss prevention can help retailers take action against retail crime. 

Some very efficient tools in the fight against shrinkage include 

  • Re-scanning: Implementing a re-scanning strategy is an effective way of preventing theft. Whether retailers want to focus on certain risk groups, re-scan every customer at certain intervals, or leave the selection to a smart algorithm is entirely up to them. 
  • Employee app/checkout assistant: When supporting the staff with suitable technology, they can do their part in loss prevention more efficiently. A separate Scan & Go app for employees helps to analyze shopping baskets based on pre-defined triggers and thus optimizes the re-scanning process. 
  • Exit gates/checkout gates: After the purchase of their items, customers are led through checkout gates, where they must scan their receipts to open the exit. If they are picked for a re-scanning check, the gates will remain closed until their basket has been checked.  
  • Smart tags/RFID: So-called radio-frequency identification clouds allow a secure way of making sure no item leaves the store unpaid for. RFID tags on the products get deactivated after payment, or otherwise trigger an alarm at the exit gates. 

Having some or all of these features added to the store’s business strategy can significantly reduce shrinkage rates while using Scan & Go – sometimes, even below the average value of the retail sector. 

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