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Mobile Product Information

Combining all the essential product information in one place – the mobile application – not only enhances convenience for customers, but also presents opportunities for the retailers when it comes to targeting promotions or analyzing customer behavior. 

A Scan & Go solution is the perfect tool to combine the best of two worlds – stationary retail and online shopping. In terms of information available to the customers, this is especially valuable as it becomes easier than ever for shoppers to compare products, prices and more, without missing out on convenience or spending excessive time waiting for customer service or at the checkout

Integration of product master data

The key is extensive mobile product information, which is achieved by integrating all the relevant product master data into the Scan & Go application and turning it into a personal shopping consultant that fits into the customer’s pocket. 

Apart from being able to retrieve product information, ratings and reviews from anywhere at any given time, shoppers can also check for item availability, current promotions or future price reductions.  

Personalized recommendations

Moreover, since the app collects and stores data about purchased or viewed articles and about buying behavior in general, customer recommendations become much more personalized, since they are now based completely on individual preferences and thus more relevant than ever.

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