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Unmanned Self-Checkout Stores

After the invention of self-checkout technology in retail, it was only a matter of time until completely unmanned stores were introduced. Read here about how cashierless stores work and why they are the next big thing in the phygital shopping experience. 

Saving time and improving store efficiency are the basic ideas of any self-service technology. That, and giving customers autonomy in their retail experience. To live up to this promise, the invention of brick-and-mortar stores with no service staff present seems the logical next step. 

What are unmanned self-checkout stores?

So-called unmanned self-checkout stores are fully digitized, cashierless shops with only an assortment of the most frequently bought products for the daily need. To enter, customers need to have the relevant Scan & Go app installed and may then complete their shopping all by themselves – from choosing, to scanning, to paying. 

How loss is being reduced

To reduce the risk of loss and shrinkage, stores like these often use a combination of video surveillance, RFID Tags, or shelf-weighted sensors.  

Advantages of unmanned self-checkout stores

A store that is open and in service 24/7 is a great thing, no question. But especially the time saving and omitting human contact have proven to be deciding factors for the rising popularity of unmanned stores. During the COVID-pandemic especially, these self-service concepts have seen a significant increase in demand. 

For the retailers, the advantages of unmanned self-service stores lie in the much lower staff costs, as well as many benefits that Scan & Go technology in and of itself brings to the table. 

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