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The Software Development Kit (SDK)

When using a Scan & Go application, there are different client types to choose from. Here, we shed light on the SDK – or software development kit – option and its features. 

The right client type

When deciding to implement a Scan & Go solution into their retail store, retailers will usually have different requirements and preferences. Not only on which features exactly should be included, but also whether the application will be a white label or a platform model, and whether it will be usable as a web app or as a mobile application on customers’ smartphones. 

Who should choose an SDK?

To avoid confusion and improve convenience, integrating Scan & Go as a native SDK makes sense for any retailer who already has an established branded customer app in use. The software development kit allows for smooth integration of all the necessary and optional features of the mobile self-checkout solution into an existing branded app, thus saving users the hassle of having to switch between different apps while doing their shopping. 

Provider requirements

Important things to consider when opting for an SDK option are, for one, that the Scan & Go provider offers a customization layer on top of the SDK, to ensure that regular updates remain possible, while still having complete freedom of choice in terms of the individual features of the app. The other important point is to make sure that long-term support is also part of the provider’s service, and that the regular updates cover all client types in use. 

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